William Paul Earthstone Gallery

10516 Rt.. 430
Findley lake, New York

Description: William Paul has been selling his art for over thirty years. His credo from the beginning: "An Artist should be without limitations". And it shows in his diverse selections of: Acrylics, Oil Pastels, Air Brush, Chalks, Conte', Leads, Stone Sculptings, Gem and Mineral Cutting, Carvings/Relief, Carvings/Sculptings... and even his published newspaper cartoons! Living in close proximity to Lily Dale, NY. and Cassadaga Lake, he will often retreat there to energize in its natural unassuming beauty, and receive what he considers to be the direct inspiration of 'Angels'. " In my opinion, an 'Angel' can be anything in the shape of a gift or blessing: an inspiring thought, an unexpected smile, even an innocent child's point of view. Far too many people think of angels in the sense of a wispy apparition, and thus will put a limit on their daily observations. My art is always an interpretation of my ongoing Angel Encounters." Rarely does one find a combination of eclectic and superb artistic quality in the works of one artist with over thirty one years of experience. William Paul is a twenty-first century Renaissance artist, following his muses in a myriad of colorful and exquisite avenues. His paintings, all infused with an inner light and mystical glow, are a tribute to his talent and esoteric studies. His stone and wood sculptures are powerful and smoothly rendered with both flow and design... reminiscent of the works of Master Sculptor: Brancusi. He has the innate ability to avoid the entrapments of eruditic art and pretense, as demonstrated in his collection of 'published' whimsical newspaper cartoons. All of William Paul's works are avidly sought by corporate and private collectors. alike. Another very disparate art project includes the (single handed) creation of his very own gem mining town. "The Town Of Dry Gulch" is a major regional attraction for School Field Trips, Private Events, and Tourist Groups. Seasonal attendance has grown over the years to an average of six thousand children. www.townofdrygulch.com An artist should be without limitations..."Do It This Way, and It's Pan Bread... Do It That Way, and It's Sour Dough. Just Make It Work!" Wm Paul

Hours: ... By Appt.