Custom Painted Murals

10 Jewell Hill Road
Ashburnham, Massachusetts
(978) 827-6612

Description: Give me a photo, a dream or an inspiring idea to work from and I will paint it on a wall in your home or business. I use non-toxic, non-odorous latex and acrylic paint. Afterwards your mural is coated with a satin, acrylic varnish that won't crack, peal or yellow. I'm able to complete a 12 foot by 8 foot mural in 5 to 7 days for around $!,500, materials included. You might find someone to do it cheaper but not for the same quality as mine. I can also paint on large sections of canvas or wooden panels and mail them to you. You can see lots more of my murals and personal "shadow-box" art by going to: Click on photos under my profile pic, then you can click on two folders with a slide-show: MY Murals and/or My Art.

Hours: Call me from 8:am to 6:pm, and day of the week. You'll have to set up a private appointment to visit me here in my studio.